My Paths

Become your desired best

We provide coaching services to individuals who seek a higher form of life called freedom. All of our services are non discriminatory of race, religion, sex or creed as we strive to provide continual genuine guidedance to increase the life of others. 

Our customers are key to our high standards. Over the last five years, we have been able to continually improve on our service by listening to our customer needs. 

Student My-Path Selections

Simply select which student My-Path represents your current status. Then follow the steps that will connect you to the road towards freedom. Just one click to inspire within do it today!

  • High School

    Ages 16-18 that desire to create a foundation of self-awareness, discipline, financial literacy and organization. To help them succeed in their next journey.

  • Young Adults

    Ages 18-40 that desire to formulate a specific focus to acheive his/her personal brand, career, finances and lifestyle with confidence and purpose.

  • Creative Talents

    Ages 18-25 that desire to build or re-build a foundation for success through creative talents, skills and mentoring. To increase a lifestyle of freedom.

Adult My-Path Selections

We encourage everyone to give back to inspire others. That can take place in a career or life change. It takes all of us to make this happen. We are here for while you create that journey. We welcome community partnerships and networking opportunities for our clients. We want you to say life is good!

  • Career Changers

    Age does not define when do-overs must occur. You have to become equipped to ride the wave no matter what the terrains of life offer. Change can be good.

  • Retirees

    Sometimes a second wind can be the catalysts for a new beginning to impact the world. It is never to late to enjoy freedom at another level.

Wellness Center

It takes grave responsibility and dedication to adjust how to balance our mind, body and spirit. Nothing is perfect, but we definitely can improve the foundation of how we live and interact with those around us. It all begins with us, our minds, body and inner being. See the services we offer below to help realign your path.


Natural remedies

Balance in our bodies help transform the way we think and respond to the stressers of life. Learn how to calm the skin, mind and body through self-care. 

Quotes and meditations

Inspire within do it, you are worth the journey

Receive daily quotes and meditations from our Inspire Division team to stay inspired. 

Inspiration boxes

Be inspired every day in your own space and comfort

Inspire within~do it now, you deserve it each month through our online store. We offer special hand crafted, authentic and inspirational box subscriptions.

Each box opens with a special theme and message enhancing your five senses. You can begin with just $22.00 depending on your level of inspirational needs. You can cancel at any time. Inspire within~do it, you are worth it. 

Message from the Inspire Division Team

Give back 2 inspire by allowing yourself to be free

We soley believe that each human being has the right to live a life free from the constraints of others expectations of our personal vision of success. It is possible with much work, discipline and diligence to live out what success looks like to you. Become the person who lives from within and help humanity evolve into a world of possibilities beyond everyday living. Everyone has a purpose, find it, perfect it and share it with the world.

~Be free. Be you. Be happy~

The Inspire Division