Founders Message

Certified Life Coach & Lover of Development

Y.E.S. was established on the campus of  Wilberforce University in 2001. After seeing the unfulfilled need to coach students to pursue purpose over generational fear. 

In observation many students attend school to enhance family dynamics, create or carry legacies.  The gap has been the process of chosing desired roads versus what others demand for their lives.

However, it was discovered there are  more people in the world than just college students, who struggle with not living their desired life. That is when Yes2inspire was birthed. 

What does that mean?

We strongly encourage people to pursue the life you desire, imagining yourself in that lifestyle and know what it takes mentally, financially and socially to live it out responsibly. That is why we focus on the five senses to re-connect you to your mind, body and spirit consciously. 





How can I change now?

I. Connect with us and just have a conversation so we can help you assess your needs. 


II. Pick an icon picture under services tab, that best represent by your desired path toward developing your success.


How did I do it?

I accepted the challenge to become vulnerable enough to tell my story of the outcome of allowing others to demand my future rather than my own purpose. My book titled "What the Fs, The Fears and Failures of Life" now help others identfy the repeated life cycles of poverty, stress and trauma, how to overcome them and more. Also, by sharing steps to change your final destination towards freedom. 


My Results:

I. Developed both peace and resiliency.

II. It established my core values, personal mantras and both the Y.E.S. (Young Empowered Students) & Yes2inspire services that are now etched in my heart. Now all these resources aid in my ability to help others grow and become free!

III. Experiencing the ability to use my gifts now makes room for me to enjoy a greater sense of life and those around me.

If you are ready to see results no matter where life have taken you, we are ready to connect with you today, by completing a contact form.